Photojournalism focuses on the story held within the
four corners of a frame.

It’s not about the number of images, manufacturing the perfect moment, or the length of time you are photographing. These are images filled with movement and emotion, of connection and authentic storytelling. What a gift photography gives us when it steps into a moment and chooses which memories stay!



Your day, told your way! Stress-free photojournalism for couples who love each other just as much as they love the party they’re throwing to celebrate - this is your love story told exactly as it happens. And I always make sure it’s filled with all the magical moments shared between you and your favorite people.

Couples & Engagements


Celebrate your love for each other with a storytelling session that captures the heart of who you are as a couple. You don’t need an upcoming wedding or a shiny ring on the finger to book! The only requirement is that you are REALLY into each other!

No more formal poses and perfect (read: boring) backgrounds, these sessions capture you doing what you do best - being together. I’ll tag along with you on your favorite activities - whether it’s hanging out at your favorite pub, making a visit to where you first met or chilling at home with your fur-babies. You’ll never have to ask where to put your hands or where to stand - my goal is to capture the two of you in your element in the most genuine way possible.

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